Kabuki play 2019/11/4

Yesterday I went to National Theater in Tokyo to enjoy Kabuki performance. There are several traditional groups who perform Kabuki play. Yesterday Harimaya group played “ Lone worrier Kagekiyo and his daughter”.


The story was based on a historical figure Taira kagekiyo who was a hero during the war between Minamoto and Taira in 12th century.


Kagekiyo, a member of Taira clan tried to revenge Minamoto Yoritomo who destroyed Taira clan but it was in vain and he was finally arrested.

However Yoritomo so highly appreciated his braveness and loyalty that he offered Kagekiyo a position in Minamoto’s administration. Kagekiyo admired Yoritomo’s benevolence but would not take the offer and went away.


Years later Kagekiyo’s daughter found Kagekiyo lived blind and in poverty in a small island. She visited him with the money which she got by selling herself to brothel.


Kagekiyo deeply moved by his daughter’s devotion and decided to take the offer.


The story was written in mid Edo period, 18th century and stressed the importance of loyalty to a clan. And probably it stressed more importance on parental affection between Kagekiyo and his daughter.