Crisp messages from Japan

Japan is composed of 5 large islands and nearly 7000 medium or small islands. It’s surrounded by sea and total territorial waters is 4,470,000 square km, ranked 6th largest in the world.
It is located east of Eurasia continent . The narrowest channel between the continent and islands is only 50km width , a bit wider than 34km wide Strait of Dover. Such delicate distance enables Japan to develop unique special culture in the world.
Japan was influenced by Greek and Roman culture through ancient Silk Road and had consistent communications with China and small nations in Korean peninsula.
However Japan has created and maintained various types of traditional cultures throughout it’s history together with it’s unique language which is utterly different from any other language in the world.
It is supposed that human being started to live in Japanese islands some hundreds thousand years ago and developed very much advanced Old Stone age culture. For example, World oldest earthen vessel which is 16,500 year old , was excavated in Japanese main island.
Thanks to natural distance, Japan has been able to keep traditional characteristic cultures and specialities successfully. However living comfortably within natural territory, most Japanese tend to be reluctant or not to be enthusiastic to send out messages to the outer world.
Nowadays the world is getting closer and it is changing rapidly. Japan can not survive anymore by just living silently inside natural territory but have to speak out stately to the world what is today’s Japan, how Japanese are thinking and living everyday.
That is the reason why I have decided to open this website. Myself and my friends will explain Japanese cultures, arts, military arts, traditions, theory, history together with update reports on what is happening in today’s Japan.
Those are purely private opinions from free Japanese individuals.
I wish this small website “East Wind from Japan” will be any help for those people who have interests in Japan to obtain deeper understanding and to arise further interests in Japanese culture and also what modern Japanese individuals are thinking.