What is the assenmbly of (Hereditary wisdom of ancient people) ?

(Hereditary wisdom of ancient people) is an assembly of people who are keen to study thoroughly about various types of hereditary and wise resources for right living which were born and cultivated from Japanese natural surroundings and climate.

The assembly aims to hand down such resources which were handed down from ancestors, to the next generation.

Japanese word , Inochi (life) is originated from hereditary wisdom of ancient people, which proves Japanese people have valued (hereditary wisdom of ancient people) as important as a life itself.

In Japan, there are so many invaluable and precious hereditary resources. The assembly is passionately discussing what we can do to hand down those precious resources to the next generation and taking an action right away of what we can do , however small it is.

The assembly which was set up in 2005 requires no qualification for joining but keen interests in such resources. Members are business veterans, housewives, farmers, Japanese sake producers, judo experts, masters of classical Japanese dance, masters of traditional Japanese music, masters of tea ceremony and so on.