Otowaya! Kabuki stage name 2017/01/25

The other night I went to National Theater to watch Kabuki play.

The title of the play is “ Shiranui story”. Shiranui is a specific decorative word related Chikushi district in Kyushu. The plot of “ Shiranui story” was based on the famous historical family feud at Kuroda clan in Kyushu which happened in early Edo era.

The original story was written 170 years ago at the end of Edo era, however the direction is so modern and exciting, including acrobatic performance of hanging in midair, that fully packed audiences enjoyed and moved deeply.


There are several popular families among Kabuki world. The play was performed mainly by actors called as “ Otowaya” family. The main actor, Onoue Kikunosuke who comes from Otowaya family, played a beautiful sexy sorceress and also played a smart and strong samurai in a different scene.


Some audiences who deeply understand Kabuki play shouted Otowaya! on the exactly right timing at every highlights of the play.

Those shouts are essential for Kabuki play and heat up both players and audiences. It is a kind of pride for a veteran audience to make himself a shouter.


The theater has a capacity of 1600 seats and fully occupied with enthusiastic supporters including foreign visitors.