tea ceremony (2) spirit of tea ceremony

Philosophy of Tea ceremony

Wakeiseijyaku is often referred as the philosophy of tea ceremony. Four characters, Wa, Kei, Sei, Jyaku means respectively harmony, respect, clean, calmness. When you do Tea ceremony, you have to be with the heart of Wakeiseijyaku. Both a host and guests face each other in peaceful manner with respect to the companion. They should be at ease with clean heart. Moreover Philosophy of Tea ceremony requires you to be Wakeiseijyaku to all of your surroundings. Namely, in Tea ceremony you have to behave yourself with the heart of Wakeiseijyaku. You should be Wakeiseijyaku to all of things such as a tea bowl, a kettle, a silk pouch, a dress and so on. Also you should be Wakeiseijyaku to all surroundings such as a tea room, a small gate, a narrow alley and so on.

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Wabisuki , spirit of tea ceremony

Wabi originally stands for ardent tea ceremony performers who are not interested in distinguished utensils for Tea ceremony, while Suki stands for keen tea ceremony performers who wish or actually have collected lots of distinguished utensils.

Gradually compound word, Wabisuki have stood for Tea ceremony spirit of being satisfied with what you have, and also being discreet and not arrogant.

Spirit of Tea ceremony is fundamentally connected with Zen spirit and a famous scholar of Tea ceremony pointed out following seven elements as essential parts of Tea ceremony.

AsymmetryZen tends to deny those things such as perfect, symmetry, law.

Zen has been trying to go beyond those things.

Simplicity: Zen tends to respect simple, straight, direct, plain things. Zen dislikes complicity or intricate.

Aloofness : Zen has been trying to be above all vulgarity.

Mindlessness: Zen has been trying to be innocent as if he were a little boy.

Subtlety and profundity: Zen has been conscious of unbelievable and mysterious profundity.

Detaching from worldly things: Zen tends to get away from the bustle of everyday life.

Stillness : Zen has been trying to be still against any happenings.

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Ichigoichie literary means only one chance in the full life. You have many opportunities to attend Tea ceremony but each particular ceremony will never come back, so you have to attend the ceremony with the mind of Ichigoichie.

Tea ceremony has more than 500 year’s history and uncountable occasions of ceremony have been done, however the ceremony on the particular time, at the particular place, with the particular members will never occur again. We have to do our very best in that only one ceremony in our full life. Otherwise we can not enjoy the opportunity from the bottom of our heart.

Ichigoichie in Chinese character (Blog.goo.ne.jp)