Learning from Kojiki (4) 2018/02/17

Kojiki is the history book written in early 8th century about the foundation of the nation and about the history of Royal family together with it’s surrounding people. There are several remarkable features in this history book as under.


1 There is only few stories of battles for power but important decisions were made not by fierce battles but through democratic discussions and negotiations. Japan has been , from the ancient, the nation which respect harmony and collective opinion.


2 Agricultural people have occupied the center of the nation but they kept respecting deities and people who live with various wild lives in mountains and sea.

In Kojiki, winners never destroyed losers but reconciled and lived together for coming future.


  1. The representatives from the upper world descended to Hyuga in Kyushuu where is far from Yamato, center of the nation. They reached Yamato after spending many years in several places between Hyuga and Yamato.

Above indicated there were various meets and integrations between many tribes, languages, cultures and so on for many years which successfully cultivated integrated culture and history in Japanese archipelago.


  1. Kojiki tells any humans or even any deities can’t be almighty. While every deity and human makes errors but all of them have chances to try again after pure exorcise.

It is most important for people to accept the error with pure and candid heart and have the courage and desire to try again.

 old tall Izumo shrine