Hatsugama (first tea ceremony of the year) 2015/1/10

I attended Hatsugama yesterday.  Hatsugama deirectly means first kettle which specially stands for the first tea ceremony of the year.

The ceremony was held at the tea room of the head of the small sect which locates at Tama hillside in the suburbs of Tokyo.

The head acted as the host of the day and carefully prepared tools and decorations suitable for New Year, such as round rice cake or a seasonal New Year decoration made from a bamboo and a pine or a special hanging scroll which contains meaning of celebrating New Year.

Yesterday it was cold but fine day and twelve sect members gathered to celebrate the ceremony. We enjoyed the solemn charcoal procedure, then the host presented for us the sweet taste of specially blended thick tea for the day with gold and silver leaf bowls.

We also made first tea of the year in turn with fresh and tensed atmosphere.