Suutai (Noh chanting) 2015/02/05

Last evening I went to National Noh Theater to watch Noh and Suutai.

Usually Noh is played by Noh actors, musicians and singers, however Suutai is played without usual Noh acts neither traditional musical instruments but is played by singing only.

Suutai which does not require any special instruments or a large stage can be performed at any place and at any time. Partly because of such easiness, Suutai was one of the most popular pastime among public during Edo period.

People of Edo era listened Suutai intensely which reminded them of famous exciting scenes of Noh play and probably they could obtain similar satisfaction as if they had enjoyed Noh play at the theater.


Yesterday talented matured Noh actors from Kanze family performed Suutai beautifully with the support of splendid profound atmosphere. Furthermore they tried their best to revive the way of Edo style singing.

Noh stage was lighted only by candle light and singers played behind the special wooden blind which forced audiences to concentrate on just listening to Suutai, Noh chanting.

The sound of chanting alone was echoing in a dark and quiet theater and gradually we were taken into subtle and profound another world.