The coldest terms 2017/01/13

It is a traditional culture in Japan to divide a whole year into 24 solar terms and enjoy a specific appearance of each term.

A smaller coldest term begun from January 5th and ends on 19th, while a bigger coldest term starts from January 20th and ends on February 3rd.

Usually average temperatures of these two terms hit the lowest through a whole year and the next term is called as the begging of spring.


During these two terms lands are covered by heavy snow in northern part of Japan, however we usually have cold but sunny days in Tokyo.  We have high and nasty humidity in summer but, during this season, humidity is lower than 30%.

Owing to sunny and dry sky, I can enjoy clear beautiful view of Mt. Fuji from the window of my study. It is common feeling among Japanese to admire beautiful and divine Mt. Fuji.  In that sense, it is so lucky for me to be able to enjoy white Mt. Fuji in clear blue and crisp sky almost every morning during this season. Just watching white Fuji, we can be relaxed and we can feel peace and satisfaction.


Furthermore the sun sets in the top of Mt. Fuji during this season. It is so divine and breathtakingly beautiful to watch the sunset behind shapely Mt. Fuji in a burning red evening sky.

It is a kind of special privilege for residents in western suburbs of Tokyo.