Typhoon 5th is striking Japanese archipelago 2017/08/08

Typhoon 5th is now at the middle of Japanese main land and heading for northeast.

Typhoon brings strong wind and torrential rain which cause severe damages on buildings and agricultural fields and also cause floods and land sliding.

Averagely 25 typhoons are born every year in northwest Pacific Ocean between 100 to 180 degrees of east longitude and around 10 typhoons among them strike Japan with awful damages mostly in August and September.

This typhoon 5th is also causing floods around several rivers in a middle part of Japan.


Besides typhoon, there are many types of natural disasters in Japan such as earthquake, tsunami, torrential rain, volcano explosion and others.

Although people are frequently suffered from severe damages caused by these natural disasters, Japanese never have grudge against nature or blame nature for cruel treatment. But Japanese take natural disasters as warnings from nature for human arrogant attitude against nature.

Probably Japanese have been receiving too much blessings from nature, for more than 10,000 years from Jomon era, to feel bitter on nature.

Japanese love and respect and always are in deep awe of nature, despite of occasional disasters.

 rice plants fallen by a typhoon