Lower House election in Japan 2017/10/11

Lower House was resolved late September and the vote will be on October 22nd.

There are several points at issue in this election including whether a consumption tax should be raised as per fixed schedule or not.

However the biggest issuing point is how can we strengthen national security?

Japan is facing missile threats from North Korea and continuous military expansion from China into Japan Sea and East China Sea. Therefore it is becoming more immediate and urgent to strengthen solid system for defending our lands and sea and ourselves.

In relation with the above subject, voters are also asked whether we should revise the Constitution or not.

Japan was forced to renew the Meiji Constitution just after the World War second by the United Nations led by US who aimed to build peaceful Japan without having any military.

Since then Japan has never changed the Constitution by a single word, although Self Defense Forces was set up after Korean War to protect the nation from communism invasion

. Japan has been hugely depending on US military to defend the nation including nuclear umbrella although Japan has been modernizing Self Defense Forces year by year.

There is no question or argument whether we should have Self Defense Forces or not.

However our current Constitution clearly forbids to have any military or to fight against any force. Therefore unfortunately some scholars condemn Self Defense Forces as unconstitutional.


It has been many years’ issuing point weather to revise the Constitution for allowing the nation to have military to defend our own nation.

After many years silence, ruling party, Liberal Democratic Party is in this election asking voters to judge if we can further leave the current constitution unchanged.

 Japanese Constitution