Cold winter has begun 2017/12/14

According to the calendar, winter has begun since November 7th. In Tokyo, usually we have mild and warm weather until mid December when cold waves from Siberia arrive to Japanese archipelago.

This year, however, we have had much colder weather than usual from the begging of winter.

It was around 0 degree Celsius early this morning in the western suburbs in Tokyo. Furthermore rather strong north wind made us feel much colder. However it is the best season to enjoy fallen leaves.

By the way it is my custom to walk down to Kumano shrine to thank for my and families’ health almost every morning through the year.

Days are shortest in this season and it is still dark until around 6 o’clock. Therefore this morning I could enjoy beautiful clear moon of 26th day old by lunar calendar which still remained in the west sky.  Then, the sky in the east gradually began to be bright.

To our delight, the road around the shrine was fully covered by the carpet of yellow ginkgo fallen leaves. Leaves were so beautiful and soft that I felt guilty to walk on a carpet with footwear. Nevertheless I stepped through the yellow carpet to the shrine and made a curtsy as per ordinary procedure.  Then I swung a bell at the shrine which rang much clearer than other season in winter. Clear bell sound eased me as if a deity at the shrine would listen more carefully to me.


To visit and worship to a shrine every morning is a kind of my refreshment and fulfillment. It is good both for body and mind.

  26th day old moon