Another wooden boat from North Korea 2017/12/17

On December 13th officials found the latest boat with 2 bodies on board. They were wearing badges showing North Korea’s former leader Kim Jong II.
Japan’s Coast Guard says the number of suspected North Korean boats found this year has hit a 5-year high.
83 wooden boats have either washed ashore or been found drifting near Japan’s coastline since the start of the year.
The majority of boats found this year have been empty. However, a total of 42 people were discovered alive and 19 dead.

Unusually high numbers of North Korean boats ventured into Japan’s exclusive economic zone in recent months.
North Korea is thought to be sending its fishermen into Japanese waters due to financial hardship caused by international sanctions. Officials also cite rough seas as another possible factor.


However, according to North Korean defector who were engaged in fishing business in North Korea, the government sold the fishing rights alongside of North Korean coast to China.  Therefore fishermen had no alternative but to fish in dangerous deep sea in small boats.

If the above is true, it is unbelievably cruel governmental act of disloyalty to own people.

It is difficult to understand why people of North Korea do not fight against the government how much risky and desperate it is.


According to the doctor who has studied the history and culture of Korean peninsula, people in the peninsula have not fought against cruel or incompetent government or authority.  They neither had an experience in their history how to cooperate each other against power.


Anyhow political situation in Korean peninsula, both in North and South, is so unstable that we have to be determined to defend ourselves against any turbulence.