The end of the year 2017/12/26

The end of the year is approaching.  The last month of the year has been called as the month of running teachers. In the last month everybody looks busy and even teachers who usually are calm and composed, are running around hastily.


New Year is the biggest event in Japan. Until recently most shops had 3 days off in New

Year. Therefore everybody was busy to get everything ready for vacation.

Furthermore it has been considered as bad luck for both borrowers and lenders to pass the year end owing debts unsettled. Both of them try hard to settle the payment within the year.

People have to clean up whole house and surroundings. They also have to prepare all kinds of traditional New Year decorations. Parents have to prepare presents and new clothes for children. Wives have to prepare New Year special dishes.

There are lots of unusual works toward the end of the year.

Above is the reason why teachers have to run around hastily.


However it is recent tendency that most shops abandon their New Year vacation and start business even from the first day of the year.

It is convenient for customers but it is at the same time sad to know historical year end tradition has been disappearing.


Nevertheless it is still common among Japanese to have soba, Japanese noodle, in the evening of the last day and to pray for long life.

 year end market in Osaka