Fading old media 2018/04/14

It is fine today. Cherry blossoms have gone already but young leaves are beautiful and many other flowers are blooming. It is neither cold nor hot and humidity is low. It is comfortable and refreshing season in Japan.


International circumstances are also becoming more comfortable for Japan. North Korea seems to lose all other choices but to give up nuclear weapons at the coming top meeting with US. Strong tie-up between Japan and US has cornered North Korea to accept denuclearization.


While President Trump announced new severe policies against China to reduce trade deficit dramatically. President Trump made it clear that US will not let China grow further unless China stop delivering military threats towards neighboring nations.


President Trump also hinted to rejoin TPP from which he announced quitting just after taking the President position.

There are pros-and –cons on economical influences of TPP, however TPP has clear effect to surround communist China by free nations.


All of these phenomenon have been achieved by deep tie-up and solid strategy between Prime Minister Abe and President Trump.

Politicians of oppositions and media in Japan are criticizing Prime Minister Abe about small matters in a few government office for more than one year without talking about national interests..


Old media are against constitutional reform and media reform act which are led by Prime Minister Abe’s firm determination.

Old media are just worrying to lose their vested interests, therefore they seem to use any means necessary for dragging down Abe cabinet.

Under such circumstances, younger generations are rapidly leaving from old media who are losing credibility by their own improper reports and broadcasting.