North Koreans abduction

Yesterday Prime Minister Abe Shinzo announced Japan and North Korea agreed to resume an investigation of missing Japanese who are supposed to be abducted by the special service of North Korean government.

Many Japanese disappeared in 1970’s and 1980’s mainly alongside sea coast.

Later Japanese government declared 17 abductions by North Korean and around 500 suspicious cases.

North Koreans approached to Japanese coasts in the disguise of fishing boats and abducted many Japanese.

Japanese never thought such cases could happen in time of peace and treated people who disappeared as ordinary missing people.

North Korea admitted their abduction in 2002 and returned 5 Japanese but they would not disclose the whole scheme regarding the abductions.

While Japanese government would not rely on military power has been patiently asking to return abducted Japanese by imposing economic sanction without any results so far.

One girl who was abducted at 13 in 1977 becomes 50 if she is alive. Both abducted people and their families get older and older.

It could be the great step towards the truth of abductions under cover that North Korea finally accepted to invest the scheme further. All Japanese wish North Korean to act quickly and sincerely.