rainy season

Rainy season

2014 June 6th

In Japan we have two rainy seasons. First one falls in early summer and second one does in autumn.

Early summer rainy season which is called “tsuyu” or “samidare”, begins in Okinawa in early May and ends in late June in northeast of main land. During the season, rain front moves from south to northeast gradually.

This rainy season has just begun in Tokyo. It is dull and sticky during the season, however it is the best time for plants.

Traditionally rice farmers transplant rice seedlings during this season. Although it is mechanized today, in old days transplanting required many human hands. Therefore all generations in towns gathered to work together and it gave good opportunity for young girls and boys to meet each other.

Transplanting was holly and precious events but also a kind of festivals for farmers.

Traditional transplanting in Kyoto. (blogs.yahoo.co.jp)