new attitude of North Korea July 4th 2014

Both nations officials from Japan and Korea met and discussed in Beijin July 1st 2014 regarding the investigation on missing Japanese.

Japanese government long ago declared 17 abductions by North Korea and around 500 suspicious cases.

It is extremely crucial criminal committed by the nation and North Korea should return all people who have been abducted and disclose whole scheme of the cases without any hesitation.

However it is a great step that North Korea agreed to invest the cases thoroughly in comparison with their vague and dishonest past attitude towards the abductions.

It is commonly understood that North Korea has changed their attitude to break the isolated international situation by improving the relation with Japan.


After the world war 2nd, the world was divided into the west and the east. In Eastn Asia, Japan, USA, South Korea allied tightly against USSR, China, North Korea.

But after the end of the cold war, this solid framework has been loosing. The relation between USA and USSR are neither too close nor too distant.

Recently South Korea indiscreetly approaches to China for their huge market. While both Chinese and Korean governments are busy in agitating nationalism against Japan.


The world is changing. The new attitude of North Korea might be the sign of the new framework in East Asia.