Visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi 2014/09/03

Indian Prime Minister is now visiting Japan for 5days.

This is his first trip to powerful nations after he assumed the position in last May.

He chose Japan as the specially important partner for India to develop the economy and stabilize the society.


Japan and India have long historical relationship. Buddhism was born in India around 2500 years ago and reached to Japan around 1500 years ago.

Since then, it has been influencing lots to Japanese theory, culture, ceremonies and even everyday life.

There are a great deal of Japanese who have stationed in India for certain years and tend to love India as deep as they love Japan. They may find something common between Japan and India which might be given by the influence of Buddhism.


Before and during the world war 2nd, Japan strongly supported Indian independence movement led by Subhas Chandra Bose. The attempt was failed as the result of the defeat of Japan in the war. However many Indians continued the movement and successfully obtained the independence in 1947 after a few hundred years’ British occupation.


Japan and India have long historical bonds and from now on their bonds will certainly get tighter and tighter in the fields of economy, culture and defence.

modi Mr.Modi and Mr.Abe at a buddhism temple in Kyoto