Cluster amaryllis and family grave 2014/09/25

Cluster amaryllis is blooming. Cluster amaryllis is called as “ higanbana” in Japanese.

“higan” means equinoctial week and “bana” means flowers. Cluster amaryllis blooms precisely during the equinoctial week, which has started since September 23rd this year.


“higan” originally means another world against this world. Japanese have been believing there is the river of three hells between the two worlds. And when we cross over the river, we would reach to the another world, supreme enlightenment.

Japanese desire their passed ancestors are keeping peacefully in that world. It is a widely spread custom to visit a family grave and pay respect to ancestors in another world during this week and also spring equinoctial week.


The biggest event during a winter is New Year holiday, while in summer “Bon” holiday is the biggest event. At the time of both New Year and “Bon”, the souls of  ancestors return home to be united with living families and they dine and wine together to cerebrate peaceful holidays and healthy life.


The root of Japanese religious mind is to worship ancestors and keep memorial services at seasonal occasions.