The explosion of volcano Ontakesan   2014/09/29

Ontakesan exploded at around noon time September 23rd. Since it was Saturday and the season of autumn leaves, there were many climbers around the top of the mountain.

Stones and ashes fell down from the sky and covered the ground. More than 30 climbers are supposed to be left under the ashes and around 100 climbers were injured.


There are 110 active volcanoes in Japan and Japan Meteorological Agency keep watching these volcanoes, however they could not find a clear sign of an explosion this time.


We have frequent earthquakes, seasonal typhoons, explosion of volcanoes and so on. Japan is often referred as the country of natural disasters which sometime cause enourmous casualties.


However these disasters play the positive role to activate the natural transition in Japanese archipelago. Thanks to such active transition, Japanese archipelago enjoys extraordinary wide diversity and astonishing affluence in biological species.

It is considered natural disasters are essential to keep Japanese archipelago as beautifully green and clean as it is.


It is obvious Natural disasters have not only negative side but also positive side. Nonetheless, to keep safe and peaceful society, it is becoming more and more critical issues for Japanese how to confront and harmonize with such natural disasters which suddenly visit us without any notice.

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