The moon of September 13th 2014/10/07

There are two major moon watching events in Japan. Since humidity is usually very high, we often have a haze moon during spring to summer time.While in winter, it is too cold to enjoy the moon outdoors. Therefore autumn is the best season for watching the moon in Japan. Consequently both of two major events fall on autumn.

As I introduced before, one is the event in the night of August 15th by lunar calendar ( It fell on September 9th by solar calendar this year. ). We enjoy beautifully perfect full moon on this occasion. Another is the event in the night of September 13th by lunar calendar (It fell on October 6th this year).

The moon of 13th night usually has not reached the full yet. The shape is not perfect circle. It is rare to admire such an unfinished moon in the world. Japanese tend to love and admire the unfinished or not perfect shape. Japanese tend to find some hidden meaning in insufficiency or shortage. Japanese tend to expect the shortage will soon be filled. It is probably one of the features of Japanese cultures.

The typhoon 18th attacked Tokyo area with violent wind and vigorous rain in the morning of October 6th.However it had gone in the afternoon and left autumn clear sky. In the evening, I could see the silhouette of Mt. Fuji with the red sky in the west. While in the east, there was a fascinating unfinished moon in the clear autumn twilight sky.

13moon moon of 13th night              yuuyake Mt. Fuji