Ogasawara islands surrounded by Chinese poaching boats 2014/11/06

Ogasawara (Bonin) islands locate around 1000 km south east of Japanese main land. They are composed with around 30 small islands with total land area of 104 square meters.

Historically they have been closely connected with Japan,  however they are so far away from the main land and isolated from others in the middle of wide Pacific Ocean. Therefore there are so many precious special livings in the islands and featuring beautiful natural surroundings of the islands have been kept from contamination. They are officially registered as world natural heritage in 2011.

A few months ago, more than 200 Chinese fishing boats suddenly came and surrounded the islands. They have been time to time invading into Japanese territorial waters and poaching corals and also damaging beautiful ocean.

The real aim of above poaching boats is unknown, since the location is too far away from Chinese coasts and too costly for small fishing boats to earn by poaching corals.

Japanese government repeatedly warned China government to control these poaching boats but China would not reply properly.

We have similar kinds of trouble with Senkaku islands which locate south west of the main island of Okinawa.


Meantime in early 1980s, China revealed their desire to advance into Pacific Ocean and announced one-sidedly first and second military chain in the Ocean. Senkaku islands locate on the first military chain and Ogasawara islands on the second military chain.


In recent years, China repeatedly have serious conflicts on territorial waters with Vietnam and Philippines who have islands on first military chain.

It is essential to watch Chinese behavior carefully and intensly.