Cherry blossoms to fall quickly 2015/03/26

Japan is now just in the middle of her spring. There are three tree flowers which represent beautiful spring in Japan.

Japanese plum blossoms bloom in early spring with nightingales at it’s branches, whose nickname is the bird telling the arrival of spring.

Peach blossoms which are flowers of traditional girl’s day, open in late spring with a background of yellow rape blossoms in the wide farms.

In between them, cherry blossoms bloom in the middle of spring and cover whole mountains and fields all over Japan. Cherry is native to Japanese archipelago and most Japanese love this blossoms so passionately that every year they are anxiously waiting for their flowering.

Cherry blossoms front moves from south to north for around one month and each district has the rule to judge the day of flowering. In Tokyo, there is the particular tree in Yasukuni Shrine and the day is officially announced by the Meteorological Agency when more than three blossoms of the said tree bloom.


This year the flowering in Tokyo was announced on March 23rd , three days earlier than average, and full blossoms are expected to come on March 31st. People will enjoy beautiful scenery of full blossoms days and nights, then blossoms quickly fall.

It is said one of the reason why people love cherry blossoms so passionately is that the flowers would not dispose their aged ugly figures and fall instantly after the full blossoms. People admire their brilliant smart fall and name it as the shower of cherry blossoms. It is often referred as typical Japanese aesthetics or sense of beauty.