Long spell of rainy weather in rape blossoms season 2015/04/14

Cherry blossoms tell the arrival of warm spring in Japan, however we often have cold weather during cherry season.  We call it as “hanabie” which means a return of cold winter after a spell of warm spring. This spring we also had a “hanabie” after the full bloom and furthermore we had snowfall on April 8th which is extremely unusual to have snow in April in Tokyo.

“sannkann shionn” is another common expression which means three cold days after four warm days and is often referred to explain very much changeable weather in spring. We have fine comfortable days but also we have many rainy days, cloudy days, windy cold days in spring. People have to choose carefully the right day to watch cherry blossoms by avoiding cold or rainy days during short period of full bloom which can last only a week.


After hanabie, “natanezuyu”, a long spell of rainy weather in rape blossoms season follows. It is annoying to have rainy season, however fine gentle rain with a background of yellow rape blossoms makes us feel comfortably relaxed and calmly settled. Fine gentle spring rain also makes flowers and trees look fresh and lively.

Instead of being distressed, Japanese have been enjoying annoying rainy season. There is famous popular old expression, “Let’s walk in fine spring rain without un amblella”.

8DD882CC89D494A8JPG   rape blossoms