The end of rainy season 2015/07/20

0n 7/19 Japan Meteorological Agency announced the end of rainy season. In other word, it is the declaration of the beginning of the warmest season through the year.

Every year summer solstice falls on around Jun 20th and the warmest season should have started around that day. However, in Japan, there is a long rainy season from late June to mid July with lots of rain and thick clouds. Temperature usually does not go high during the rainy season. But as soon as the rainy season ends, the warmest boiling season suddenly assaults Japanese archipelago.

Japanese summer is extraordinary warm and humid. In Tokyo, average highest temperature of the day in late July and early August is around 33 degree with humidity 60-70%. It is intolerably hot and sticky.


To fight against such severe weather, there are various summer festivals throughout Japan. These were originally people’s pray to prevent summer disease from prevailing.

One of famous summer festivals is Gion matsuri in Kyoto which last for one month in July.

Gion matsuri is around 1000 years old festival and it is not only holy honorable tradition for residents but also one of the biggest summer attraction of Kyoto for visitors.

33 gorgeous and artistic floats are towed on the streets of city among more than 100 thousands spectators.