Sports day 2015/10/12

It is a really fine day! Today is a national holiday called as Sports day. It is the day to encourage all people to do more excise and also to memorize last Tokyo Olympic Games which were opened on October 10th 1964.

October is most comfortable season in Japan and that is the reason why they chose the season to hold and open Olympic Games. We can expect clear, fine and marvelous weather in October in Japan. Temperature is neither too high nor too low and also humidity is comfortably low in the month. It is the best season for sports.

It was 20 years since the Japanese’ defeat in the World war second. Tokyo Olympic was not the only sports event for Japanese but also visible symbolic extra big event of the recovery from the defeat. It was a precious opportunity to show Japanese beautiful scenery, delicious foods, peaceful and clean society and also fantastic organizing talents which brought an astonishingly smart and smooth management of Olympic Games.

All Japanese, including the old and the young, were excited and enjoyed the opportunity from the bottom of the heart. Most Japanese were not so good at foreign languages, however people tried their best to welcome all visitors from all over the world.


It was 50 years ago, and we are going to have another Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

It will be another good opportunity for Japan to show modern Japanese society which is built by the newest technology on traditional and historic Japanese culture.