The season of the moon 2015/11/01

Autumn is the best season in Japan. It is often called as the season of harvest. There are plenty of harvests in autumn such as rice which is a main and vital crop in Japan, affluent fruits and nuts, various kinds of seasonal seafood and so on. Autumn is also the best season for sightseeing to enjoy fine and crisp weather and to find beautiful autumn scenery with colored mountains.

Autumn is also the best season to watch the bright and vivid moon.

In the east sky, the moon rises late by around 50 minutes in each day and returns to the beginning in one full lunar month.

It grows every day from nothing to a full moon in a half lunar month and returns gradually to nothing in the next half lunar month.

In comparison with the sun, daily change and movement of the moon is obvious, therefore people can enjoy a different figure day by day.

In accordance with people’s affection for the moon on variety of figures and various occasions,  plenty of names go by each different figure and occasion of the moon, such as new moon, full moon, bow shape moon, third day’ moon, 15th night’s moon, evening moon, rising moon in the evening, remaining moon in the dawn and so on.

The moon rotates in the spin of the earth by rotating itself synchronously, therefore from the earth we can see always the same surface of the moon. It was the great achievement of the newest technology of artificial satellite to observe the other side of the moon.

There are many ways to enjoy the moon in fine autumn sky.