Historic victory by Sumo champion Kotoshougiku 2016/01/31

Kotosougiku won a championship of the professional Sumo tournament held in January. It was the first victory in the last 10 years by Japanese Sumo wrestler.

Sumo is the most typical Japanese national sport among many popular sports.

Most Japanese supporters of Sumo are welcoming foreign challengers to Japanese national sport, however they have not been fully satisfied with Japanese players recent performance. Because any of Japanese players have not won a championship during last 60 tournaments in 10 years.

At present, there are three Sumo Grand champions and all of them are Mongolians who have won most tournaments recently.


It has been said that Japanese youngsters do not have hungry spirits which is required to survive severe battles or Mongolians who have been grown up in inconvenient circumstances have much tougher mental and physical strength than Japanese.


Anyhow, at last Japanese players are free from long tunnel of non victory. We hope they train as hard as foreign challengers do and show as good performance as their rivals continuously from now on.


By the way, Sumo is different from other simple combative sports. It originated from around 1500 years old religious rituals and carries various aspects of Japanese old and traditional hereditary and culture.

Therefore Sumo wrestlers are require to be not only strong but also act courteously and always care opponents. It is sad and unforgivable that recent players do not care so much about hereditary courtesy and politeness.

We wish Japanese players learn hereditary much deeper and show better example.