Haru-ichibann (first spring storm) 2016/02/28

Haru-ichibann which is the first strong south wind of the year tells the arrival of spring. It is old expression which originated from fishers in Iki islands in Kyushu.

However nowadays Japan Meteorological Agency regulates several conditions on Haru-ichibann such as “it must blow between first day of spring and spring equinox day”, or “it must be south wind stronger than 8 meter per second”  and so on.


This year Japan Meteorological Agency announced Haru-ichibann in Tokyo area on February 14th, but several days later we had snow fall and cold winter has come back. Another popular old expression which often used in early spring is Sannkann-shionn.

It means a cycle of three cold days followed by four warm days. Spring weather in Japan is vulnerable to quick change from cold stormy day to calm and mild day and finally it has reached to another expression. Girl’s heart and spring weather.