210th day from the first day of spring 2016/09/02

Japan has adopted Gregorian calendar from Meiji 5th (1972). Until then, people used lunar calendar together with 24 solar seasons which was useful to adjust gaps between   lunar calendar and solar movement.

24 solar seasons starts from the first day of spring ( it falls on early February) and ends in the coldest season of the year (it falls on end January).

Although people have stopped using lunar calendar, many still use 24 solar seasons as an indication of daily life.

“210th day from the first day of spring” is still common expression which warns high season of typhoons and natural disasters. It falls on August 31st this year and unfortunately we had strong typhoons which brought huge damages and casualties in northern part of Japan.

Typhoon is a tropical cyclone born in Pacific Ocean, while hurricane is born in Atlantic Ocean. Most of typhoons head for western coast of Eurasia continent, however some of them head for north and attack Japan Archipelago.

A strong typhoon brings storms of more than 50 Meters per second or heavy rain of more than 100 mm per hour. It causes not only human casualties but also huge agricultural damages. It is important time for rice to grow and many autumn fruits to ripe. Fishers have to give up operations for some time. Moreover transportation could be confused for certain time. Those end up considerable damages even to city people.


However nature remains beloved partner for Japanese, even after such disasters. For Japanese it is historic solid determination to live together with nature. Nature is always something great and awed for Japanese.