memorial battleship Mikasa July 9th 2014

Yesterday I visited Yokosuka naval port to get on board the memorial battleship Mikasa.

Mikasa was built in U.K. with the world most advanced technology and started service in 1902. With Admiral Togo on board, it worked as the flag ship of Japanese fleet at The Battle of the Japan Sea between Japan and Russia in 1905.

Japan had only 4 battleships while Russia had 8, however total number of warships of Japanese fleet overwhelmed Russian fleet by 100 against 32 .

Furthermore total combat power of Japanese fleet was far superior to Russia which had been considered the world strongest naval empire at that time and consequently the battle was decided one-sidedly.


The result of this naval battle led Japan to the winner of Japan-Russia war. Moreover that was the first spectacular victory of Asian or colored nation against European or white nations in modern history.


Admiral Togo was reported to stay at the bridge of Mikasa and command throughout the battle.

I stood and stayed for a while at the very spot of the bridge and silently thanked for those Japanese who fought for the nation at the risk of their lives.


Mikasa retired in 1926 and was exhibited at Yokosuka naval port as the memorial ship. After the world war 2nd, the stationed Allied Forces used the ship as a dancehall and abandoned. However many thoughtful people could not leave it disgracefully and have been contributing to preserve it as the memorial ship since 1961.


memorial battleship Mikasa