Attack on Pearl Harbor 2015/12/08

Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor on December 8th 1941. Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku planned the surprise attack and aimed to destroy aircraft carriers and new powerful battleships.

Owing to highly skilled pilots and Zero fighters which had the highest combat ability at that time, the attack was done successfully with the results of sinking or major damages of 6 old battleships and many other smaller ships together with more than 3000 casualties among military personnel. However, there were neither aircraft carriers nor new powerful battleships inside the harbor.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of U.S.A at that time,  anxiously sought for the cause of entering the war against Tripartite Pact between Japan, Germany and Italy.

The attack was just the thing for the President to happen. Recent study gradually revealed the conspiracy prepared by the center of U.S.A government to let Japan open the war.

American citizens who had been negative against a war, lost the temper by the surprise attack and turned their attitude sharply into entering the war.


Japan did not gain anything from this attack and Admiral Yamamoto who planned the attack and carried out the plan forcibly against majority of opposing opinions, should bear the heaviest responsibility of causing the severest pain among limitless number of Japanese.

However, to my regret, Admiral Yamamoto is still admired by many Japanese who are not taught about the real modern history of their home nation.


70 years has passed since the defeat of Japan in the war, Japanese society has to face their own modern history.

8f9edb53e2265226c67dbf145f97a43a Zero fighter leaving from a aircraft carrier.