kamisama (something great)


2014 June 6th

Kamisama is polite and familiar expression of kami which is often translated as God, however kami is the different concept from God in monotheism.

Kami is something great which has extra ordinary ability in various fields and exists everywhere such as in a mountain, in a river, in a rice field, in everybody’s house and even in everybody’s heart.

There are plenty of kamis in Japan and “ yayorozunokami” is the general term for all kamis. “ Yayorozunokami” literally means 8 millions kamis , or in other word, countless number of kamis.

Kami in Japan is the completely different concept from God in monotheism.

Kamisamas are worshipped at shrines which are usually surrounded by natural woods as below. There are more than 200thousands shrines in Japan.