sayonara (see you again) and arigatou (thank you) June 10th 2014

sayonara (see you again)

This is the most popular expression when people part. It does not contain the direct meaning of parting but means we have had a good time together, and see you again.

“Sayonara” literally means (if it is so,). It may be followed in such a way (If it is so, there is no other way but to part.).

“Soyonara” sounds lonely and sorrowful for Japanese.

arigatou (thank you)

This is an expression for appreciation. It literally means ( it is difficult to be.), in other word (it is seldom to be. Or, it is precious.). Arigatou appreciates performer’s precious act by saying (It is difficult to do.).

When you use arigatouproperly, you can enjoy smooth and warm communication in Japan.