Kochi (east wind) and omotenashi (entertaining)


Kochi (east wind)

Kochi is the literary name for the east wind which blows in early spring. During the winter in Japan, it is common to have north-west wind which carries cold weather from Siberia.

Kochi, warm east wind from Pacific ocean, brings spring to Japanese archipelago. Kochi is as old expression as it was used in the 1000 years old famous Tanka (Japanese poem) composed by Sugawara Michizane who are worshipped at Tenjinn shrines as a great scholar.

omotenashi (entertaining)

(motenashi) means treat or entertain guestsand (o) shows polite expression. When you try “omotenashi”, you should imagine in advance how guests would like to be treated. Then you should prepare things as you imagined with hearty hospitality.

In Japan, it is considered the most important thing for treating guests is to prepare things in advance with the utmost care and the warmest attention.