The month of Kamisama (something great) 2015/11/29

Kamisama is a polite and familiar expression of kami which is often translated as God, however kami in Japan is the different concept from God in monotheism.

Kami is something great which has extra ordinary ability in various fields and exists everywhere such as in a mountain, in a river, in a rice field, in everybody’s house and even in everybody’s heart.

There are plenty of kamis in Japan and “ Yayorozunokami” is the general term for all kamis. “ Yayorozunokami” literally means 8 millions kamis , or in other word, countless number of kamis.

Kami in Japan is the completely different concept from God in monotheism.

By the way, the tenth month in old lunar calendar (around mid November to mid December in solar calendar) is called “the month of non kami” in Japan.

There are a famous old legend which tells “ Yayorozunokami”(all kamis) leave their home town for around one month to gather and meet at Izumo taisha Shrine which has a large specific accommodation for “ Yayorozunokami”. Therefore the month is called as “the month of kamis” in Izumo area.

According to the legend, “ Yayorozunokami”gathered from every part of Japan to discuss important issues including matching young couples and the hottest issue was a report on a harvest of rice in the last fall together with the proposal for improvement in next year.

Izumo Taisha Shrine holds a welcoming “ Yayorozunokami”festival for a week in mid of the month.

128999469249616228870_35_20101117205129 “ Yayorozunokami”  arrive at the beach of Izumo Taisha at night.