Learning from Kojiki (2) 2018/01/26

The story of Izanagi and Izanami continues and tell us the differences between man and woman and also teach us how important to make up for each other.

They gave birth to various deities, however Izanami died after giving birth to her son Kagutsuchinokami, the deity of fire. Izanami disappeared and run into the world of the dead. Izanagi killed his son by unjustified resentment and plunged into the world of the dead to take Izanami back to the world of living but in vain.

After these confused happenings, Izanagi leant from his own attitude against Izanami and his son. After purifying himself, Izanagi came to himself and produced many important deities from the parts of his body.


Above story tells us how important to understand differences between man and woman, parent and child, the living and the dead, and it is more important to make up for each other.

It also teaches us the fact that there is no deity or human who is perfect and almighty from the begging. Everybody can’t be free from making errors but there is a chance for anybody to challenge again after purifying oneself.


After narrowly escaping from the world of the dead, Izanagi vowed to supply more lives than the number of the dead. In other word, each life can’t be forever but people can hand over lives from parents to children, from ancestors to descendants endlessly.  We can re-recognize how important to hand over the precious life one by one.


Among those deities produced from Izanagi’s body, there are especially precious three deities, namely Amaterasu-omikami, the founder of Royal family who is designed to control daytime world, Tsukuyomi-nomikot who is designed to control night world and Susano-nomikoto who is designed to control the world of the dead

Although they have a close relation as a sister and a brother, Amaterasu and Susano do not trust each other and they are at odds Susano damaged sister’s rice fields and broke a weaving machine. Amaterasu got angry and hid herself into a cave which made a whole world utterly dark. However, with full supports from all other deities, they reconciled and regained mutual reliance which brought back light and order to the whole world

Above story also tell us that even giant deities like Amatersu and Susano, they are not perfect from the begging, they made errors, they learnt from errors, they raised themselves from their own experiences.

This story also teachs us the importance of each respective role and entire corporation as a whole.

.projected cave in which Amaterasu hid