Historical summit meeting 2018/6/15

Historical summit meeting between USA and North Korea was held on June 12th in Singapore.

President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un had a harmonious meeting and signed the written agreement in which they promised denuclearization in Korean peninsula and system warranty in North Korea.

However, to our disappointment, there are no specific details of denuclearization.


It was widely understood this meeting was materialized owing to the severe military pressure and economical sanction led mainly by USA and Japan.

From the end of last year, Chairman Kim Jong-un changed his attitude dramatically and held back his challenging pose against USA. Therefore many expected specific development in denuclearization through this meeting.


I was also disappointed at Trump’s vague statements in press conference just after the meeting and I wondered if denuclearization would be really materialized.


But when we cool down and reconsider the situation, it is obvious for Chairman Kim Jong-un who is a dictator of terror reign, not to disclose miserable figure of bowing down to USA or being Trump’s bidding.

President Trump wisely understood Kim Jong-un’s situation and saved his face, while smart Ponpeio, Secretary of State and Bolton, National Security Adviser will surely execute procedures for denuclearization.


After confirming the North Korean’s sincere attitude and proper procedures against denuclearization, Japan will have meeting with North Korea to solve many year’s outstanding abduction issues.