Ochanomizu University goes for transgender 2018/7/13

Ochanomizu University is one of the oldest and authoritative National Universities for women. It has 130 years history and has produced uncountable numbers of women leaders in various fields in Japan.

However it is general tendency ambitious girls prefer to enter co-education university rather than women’s university. Consequently the significance of women’s university is questioned recently.


Under such circumstances, Ochanomizu University announced on July 10th that the University decided to allow transgender to apply for admission test.

It is recent phenomenon most liberal intellectual tend to protect the week and express warm understanding toward LGBT.

Some of LGBT may suffer from unknown distress but some of LGBT could be ultimate self indulgence.

We need to get back to the basic. Man is man, woman is woman.


Ochanomizu University pronounces, as her mission, raising women leaders who are able to contribute to materialize gender equal society.

It is obvious human society is composed of men and women and they should be equal.

Needless to say equal should not make discrimination, but should make distinction between two genders.

Women universities should aim to raise women leaders who are ardent to brush up women’s features and benefits rather than to polish talents for competing against men.