Japan has an extra-ordinary society 2018/8/3

Japan has an extra-ordinary society in which both people side and power side respect and rely on each other.

In western world, people and power have been struggling for rights and had many historical bloody affairs.

Nation of Japan was born naturally in Japanese archipelago which has been  surrounded by sea nd protected from foreign powers. It has been enjoying basically peaceful livings and seldom had severe internal conflicts.

With such historical background, Japanese people have been trusting and feeling familiar with power such as central offices, police, court, medical care, education, Tax office, insurance and so on.


Unfortunately there are many incidents recently which deeply damage people’s respect to such big systems.

One of the reasons of such poor incidents must be the deterioration of main members in such big systems.


One highly important projects in Meiji Reformation which started in 1867, was to abolish old class system. Military which was restricted only for samurai class, was opened for everybody.  They set up military academy which was opened for any excellent and aggressive boys from all classes.

They also expanded primary and junior high school and on top of such basic education, they set up high school just for bringing up main members at big systems.

Ambitious boys gathered from all classes and they were planted dignity as elites and nobles oblige for public and national interests.


After the defeat of Great East Asia War, United Nations which occupied Japan for 7 years, destroyed above education system, which may have relation with the deterioration of recent main members at big systems.


It is time for us to reconsider how to bring up elites who work at big systems and serve for public interest and not for private interest.