Anniversary of the end of Great East Asian war 2018/8/20

73 years ago、 Japanese government accepted Potsdam declaration and Japanese Army surrendered against United Nations Forces. On August 15th 1945, Emperor announced the end of the war and called Japanese people to bear the unbearable and work hard for rebuilding the nation.


Every year, on this anniversary day, we have ceremonies to mourn for the dead in the war. Until recently it was common to call the particular day as “ the day of end of the Great East Asian war”. However it has been more common to call the day as “ the day of surrender of Pacific war”.

Some say we should memorize the day as “ the day of surrender” so that Japanese will never forget the reckless and hopeless war against United Nations.

They say Pacific war was the inevitable result of Japanese invasion into Asian nations and it was totally foolish to wage against U.N. who had much bigger economical and military power.


After the war, Japan was occupied by the United Nations who regulated severely speech and any other expression. They also practically banned distribution and reading of quality books published before and during the war.

By such severe and smart regulation, Japanese had to have disruption of thoughts and spirits. We are still suffering from the above past regulation and there are not few Japanese who still have historical view from U.N.’s side.


However The Great East Asian war not just a war between Japan and United Nations but also it has historic significance.

It was the war to lead the oppressed all over the world to fight for independence. It was the war to dehypnotize the colored to fight for the discrimination.


At that time, around 53% of the world was occupied by western Europe and America.

In the Great East Asian war, Japanese Army was defeated completely but it was the war of herald for the oppressed and for the colored to fight for Independence and discrimination.