Beautiful full moon in mid autumn 2018/9/25

It was September 24th last night by solar calendar and it was 8th month 15th night by lunar calendar. From 7th to 9th month is autumn by lunar calendar, therefore 8th month 15th night is just the middle of autumn.

It is traditional custom in Japan to enjoy beautiful either full or semi-full moon in clear mid autumn sky in 8th month 15th night.

Autumn is the season in Japan for tasty various fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, nuts and others. We present such autumn harvests as pear, Japanese taro, chestnut and others to deities of agriculture with heartfelt gratitude.

It is also traditional way to decorate the night with silver grass and special dumplings for the night.


Autumn is the season after summer which contains ample of hot energies.

Autumn is the season before winter which is dark and cold.

Autumn is the melancholy season between dynamic summer and severe winter.

From ancient time Japanese have been loving autumn scenery, autumn foods and especially autumn melancholy.

There are numberless songs and poets which describe deep and unknown melancholy of the season.

And also we have various kinds of events to cerebrate the season. Above m

oon viewing is one of such events.


It was fine last night and we could throughly enjoy the beautiful almost full moon together with fantastic sounds from autumn insects.