descending of frost   2018/10/27

There is an old habit in Japan to divide solar year in 24 seasons. Around 15days from late October to early November is the season called as “ soko” which means descending of frost.

During this season, we usually start to receive news of first frost or first snowfall from northern part of Japan.

Japanese archipelago is narrow in width but has 4000km length from north to south.

Most part of the archipelago belongs to temperate zone but northern part belongs to subarctic zone and southern part belongs to subtropical zone.

Furthermore cold tide and warm tide collides at the central part of the archipelago. Therefore this archipelago is treasure islands of various kinds of livings.

24 different seasons give each seasonal shines to each living.


In this season, it is popular to pick and take various kinds of wild mushrooms in forests or to enjoy yellow leaves of many kinds of trees in mountains.

These autumn pastime is currently moving down from north to south.


During this season, we usually have clear sky and comfortable weather. It is neither too hot nor too cold but just suitable for exercize and pastime.

Furthermore there are plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, walnuts and other seasonal delicious foods. This is the best season for every kind of activity.