autumn leaves in Nara 2018/11/29

Last week I visited Nara city which was the center of Japan from mid 3rd century until A.D.794 when the capital was moved from Nara to Kyoto.

I stayed two and half days and visited several temples and shrines. It was the best season for autumn leaves and I could fully enjoy beautiful flaming maple leaves of famous Hasedera which locates in eastern mountain side.

I also enjoyed beautiful autumn scenery of Kasuga shrine and moved into Kofukuji temple.

Both Kasuga shrine and Kofukuji temple were built around 1300 years ago by Fujiwara family which was second strongest family after Emperor.

The central building of Kofukuji which is called as Chukondo, was burnt down three times. However owing to detailed historical documents, it could be rebuilt exactly in the way of 1300 years ago after 300 years absence..

It could be done because of many people’s understanding , co-operation and offerings.

Last month they cerebrated the completion of big project and started to open the new building together with Buddha statue to the public.

In spite of days of modern building technology, there are still some professional carpenters who inherit the precious tradition of large scale wooden building from Jomon era.

Chukondou of Kofukuji