150 years from Meiji restoration(1). 2018/11/30

Tokugawa government returned power of reign to Emperor in 1967 and October 23rd in the following year, the new government changed the name of era from Keio to Meiji.

To commemorate this historical event, current government had a official ceremony on October 23rd this year to cerebrate 150 years anniversary of the event with around 400 representatives from every field.


Guns, modern powerful weapon, were developed in Islam and Europe in 14-15th century and reached to Japan in 1543 by Portuguese.

Owing to traditional iron technology which had been cultivated to produce high quality sword, Japanese craftsman could easily learn and master gun technology.

During civil war period, lords of each district competed each other to produce advanced guns and it was considered Japan was one of the strongest military powers in the world at that time.

However, when civil war ended and Tokugawa reined the nation peacefully, Tokugawa government prohibited people studying and developing military power including building warships and producing guns.

During Tokugawa era which last from 1603 to 1867, they successfully developed economy and culture. Population increased from less than 20millions to 30millions, people were not rich in materials but most of them were free from poverty.

Half of them could read letters. Edo, capital of the nation, had one million citizens and literacy rate of them was considered as high as 80 %. People enjoyed pictures, songs, plays and so on. Edo city was considered most advanced culture city in the world at that time.


7% of population was samurai who used to be fighters and soldiers during wars. However, during peaceful Tokugawa era, their role changed from defense of the nation to the leader of humanity or administration. Nevertheless they never lost heights of spirits. These samurais led the Meiji restoration by stripping off their own privileges by themselves.