Pearl Harbor attack (1) 2018/12/8

It was December 8th 1946 when Japanese navy attacked Pearl Harbor and Great Asia war ( Pacific war) began.


At that time, Japanese government and military tried hard to avoid a war against U.S. because they knew U.S. had much stronger and larger economy and military power than Japan.

At the same time, they studied detailedly how to fight against U.S. and U.K. when they were cornered to open a war and they planned to march west toward Indian sea so that Japan could liberate east Asian nations and India from Western colonial rule and also Japan could utilize oil and other sources there.

They never thought of advancing into Pacific Ocean because it was too risky and it meant entire confrontation against U.S.


However, then- union fleet chief commander, Yamamoto Isoroku insisted the necessity of Pearl Harbor attack and delivering damages to American Navies by destroying air craft carriers.

Almost all Japanese who were involved in planning strategy against U.S. and U.K. dismissed this attacking plan presented by Yamamoto chief commander.

However Yamamoto emphasized the military effect of preemptive attack and mental effect on discouraging American people. Yamamoto finally got the approval from Navy Minister and attacked Pearl Harbor.


Actually there was no air craft carrier in the harbor and this attack failed to give as much military damages as desired but 3000 casualties among U.S. navy and army caused fighting spirits from U.S. citizens who had been negative toward a war against Japan until this attack.


It is gradually coming to light that then U.S. government led by F.D. Roosevelt wished Japanese preemptive attack to Pearl Harbor so that they could persuade U.S. people to stand up to a war against Japan.