Three blossoms in spring 2019/3/2

It is March 2nd today. Sunshine is getting brighter and longer day by day. Spring has come. White plum blossoms in my garden are in full bloom. Gorgeous red plum blossoms by the tennis court are also in full bloom. Cherry blossoms and peach blossoms are ready to come in a month. These three blossoms represent spring flowers in Japan.


Plum was considered to be brought in from old China around 6-7th century. Plum was new and trend at that time. Nobles and intellectuals rushed to praise plum blossoms. Therefore Japanese oldest anthology “ Manyoshu” which was compiled at mid 8th century,  contains as many as 119 plum songs.


Although cherry originated and had been long in Japan, there are only 44 cherry songs in “ Manyoshu”. However in the first imperial anthology “ Kokinshu” which was compiled at early 11th century, there are more than double of cherry songs than plum songs. This tendency reflected the movement of the Japanese society which preferred to keep distance from Chinese culture and put more value on traditional Japanese culture. Actually Japanese love cherry blossoms from their heart.


Peach reminds Japanese of an image of birth or energy. There are so many old tales which indicate peach energy or magical power. It is old custom in Japan to cerebrate girl’s festival date with peach blossom’s decoration.


These three beautiful and wonderful blossoms cover mountains and fields in spring which is the most awaited season by most Japanese.



plum                                                                       cherry                                                                   peach