150 years from Meiji Restoration (4) 2019/4/27

Guns which were decisive weapons for modern wars, were developed in Islam and Europe in 14-15th century and reached to Japan in 1543 by Portuguese.

Owing to traditional iron technology which had been cultivated to produce high quality sword, Japanese craftsman could easily learn and master gun technology.

During civil war period which last until early 17th century, feudal lords competed each other to develop more advanced guns and Japan was considered as the strongest military power in the world which were equipped with abundant of most advanced guns.


However Edo government successfully built orderly and peaceful nation and prohibited feudal lords to study or produce military instruments like war ships or guns.

During Edo period people developed high quality culture and enjoyed quality life.  They were not rich in materials, but they were rich enough in mental.


In the late Edo period, regretfully Edo government and feudal lords were repeatedly  threatened by possible invasion by European nations and America. Japan substantially had abandoned military instruments for few hundred years and could not compete with them in military power and was cornered to follow western system and theory.

Edo government returned the reign of the nation to Emperor and Meiji new government was established. Japan started to learn from western nations and changed their society from the bottom with the slogan, to build wealthy and military strong nation.

After unbelievably quick learning, Japan defeated Russia in 1904 and became one of the strongest 5 nations in the world.


Japan materialized their dream to be rich and strong in unbelievably short period, however Japan may have lost so many precious things, namely traditional, historical values since Meiji Restoration.