Tillerson is out and Pompeo is in. 2018/03/14

It is not surprising but could be crucial reshuffle of the Trump’s cabinet.

From the begging it was difficult for Japanese to understand why Mr.Trump’s picked up Mr.Tillerson as the secretary of the state.

Although Mr.Tillerson who has been outstanding businessman, has a strong connection with Russian business world and Trump has a strong desire to reestablish close reliable relation with Russia, there seem wide gaps between them on vital subjects such as Iran nuclear deal, North Korea denuclearization and Paris agreement.

Furthermore it is presumed Mr.Tillerson who had a little connection with bureaucracy, had difficulties in handling and managing long served officers of state department which is basically against Mr.Trump’s diplomatic policy.


While it is reported Mr.Pompeo is a strong supporter of Trump’s world view. He opposes Iran nuclear deal and doubts North Korea will give up nuclear arsenal. We hope he will successfully manage officers of state department.


Rapidly expanding military power of China and North Korea is becoming imminent danger for Japanese national security. Especially North Korea’s development of nuclear weapon is urgent threat to Japan.

We were surprised at Mr.Trumps’s sudden decision to have direct talks with North Korea. Naturally we have a strong concern on coming direct meeting between USA and North Korea focusing on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.


Above reshuffle of the cabinet must have not a small impact on coming meeting between two nations and Japan who is in military alliance with USA will watch all progress and outcome tensely and intensely.

We believe both President Trump and new secretary of the state are determined to materialize denuclearization of North Korea without any ambiguity.